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Worker Wellness

Resources for coaching, wellness checks, workshops, and counseling

One of the five overall goals of the CNH District is to enhance Worker Wellness.  As a District, we should all be involved in supporting one another to this end.  Although there are many ways that worker wellness can be improved, we hope the following links might provide some tangible resources for you and your ministry.

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NEW DISTRICT RESOURCE: Connect with our CNH District Church Worker Care Team to find confidential support in challenge times.

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A resource from LINC, this document is a great starting point to asses the 8 F's of the leader. Use the results in coaching sessions to track progress.

Grace Place helps church workers find relief from the pressures they face while avoiding the traps that lead to burnout, sin and despair.

The Leader Self-Assessment was developed in partnership with the Northwest District. Designed to take 10 minutes and be completed annually.

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Worker Wellness Grant: Restore to Me the Joy

The CNH District provides efficient and effective resources and opportunities for God’s people to live healthy lives in all areas: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. The “Restore to Me The Joy” grant allows for church workers (called or hired staff) to apply for funds in two ways...


1 » OUTINGS: Plan an outing with at least three church workers, from at least two schools or congregations that allows you to participate in something that encourages support, encouragement, connection, and collaborations. These outings might include camping, golfing, biking, fishing, a ball game, or any other various activity. Applicants may be granted up to $250.


2 » RETREATS: Church worker retreats - district established groups (i.e., circuits) or gatherings of specific groups (i.e., DCE’s, Administra- tors, language specific, etc.) that are looking for a more robust retreat setting. These groups must include the invites to many congregations or school staff, and be focused on prolonged time together. Grants for Church Worker retreats may be applied to for up to $1500.

Please submit completed application to: renee(at)

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