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Ministry Resources

Salary Guidelines

Download Salary Calculator for projecting your own salary value.

Download the Housing Cost Comparison for your area

Download the Housing Allowance Form

Below are Salary Guidelines for pastors in different positions and commissioned ministers. Scroll through the document to find the appropriate position.


2024 Salary Guideline

2023 Salary Guideline

2022 Salary Guidelines

2021 Salary Guidelines

2020 Salary Guidelines

2019 Salary Guidelines



Is your congregation considering amending or revising its constitution and bylaws?


Knowing how the process works will help things go more smoothly and (hopefully) quickly. With that in mind, here are some things you should know.

Student Financial Aid


The CNH District offers financial aid to students pursuing careers in full-time church work at schools in the Concordia University System or at LCMS seminaries. First time applicants for student aid from the CNH District must fill out and return the initial CNH District application forms. In addition to this you will also fill out the Synodical form which you can access here.

Returning applicants need only process the Synodical form.


Additionally, if you are a pastor, teacher, or other professional church worker who is paying off federal student loans, you may benefit from two debt-reduction programs now offered by the U.S. Department of Education. Information on these programs is available on the LCMS website.


Deadline: July 1


Please contact CNH District Operations Executive Denise Lo, if you have any questions.


Denise Lo

Phone: (925) 245-4006


2772 Constitution Dr., Livermore, CA 94551

Loan Forgiveness Program

CNH Loan Forgiveness Program helps newly graduated LCMS Seminary or Concordia University students, who are placed in the CNH District for their first call, to pay down their student loans.



- A new graduate of an LCMS Seminary or Concordia University

- Called, Pastors and commissioned ministers, to a congregation within the CNH District

- Submit an application annually, between Sept 1st-Oct 15th, to the CNH District office within the first five years.

- Approved applicants can receive up to 3 grants within the first 5 years.

- The fund does not apply to vicars nor does it apply to those whose first call was in another District

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