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Early Childhood

Early childhood education is provided in the CNH district through our elementary schools as well as many free-standing early childhood programs. Our district provides early childhood education at 36 free-standing centers and 14 centers associated with a Lutheran Elementary School.


Free standing early childhood programs are those formal programs not associated with a Lutheran elementary school.  To assist these programs and their directors and teachers the California Nevada Hawaii District offers the services of the Education Executive as well as an Early Childhood Consultant.


Our EC consultant, Janis King, is an experienced early childhood educator who is ready to share her expertise with directors and staff of any early childhood program. Janis is available to answer questions about curriculum, staffing, budgeting, accreditation, parenting classes, etc. She is also available to consult with congregations regarding start-up of a preschool or problem solving for existing early childhood programs. Janis is happy to make visits to early childhood programs throughout California, Nevada and Hawaii. Please contact her if there’s anything she can provide to assist in your ministry to parents, teachers, and young children.


Janis King

St. John's Lutheran Church & School - Napa, CA

(707) 226-7970


The CNH District supports and follows the purpose, vision, beliefs, and values  of the LCMS Early Childhood School Ministry Department.


Early Childhood School Ministry serves as an advocate to affirm, equip and empower leaders of Christ-centered early childhood ministries to impact the lives of children and their families with the love of Jesus and His grace.



All children experience God’s grace and are nurtured in the faith by experiencing:

  • Baptism

  • Christ-centered environments

  • Hope-filled ministries

  • Involved congregations and faith communities

  • Leaders united in purpose

  • Dedicated advocates for children and families



We believe:

  • Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and God sends His people to bear witness to this truth in order to make disciples- Christ alone.

  • God-Father-Son and Holy Spirit- has created, redeemed and sanctifies His people for service to Him and all people- Grace alone.

  • God gathers people in faith communities around baptism, His Word and His table- Faith alone.

  • Scripture is the sole norm for the church’s life and work. Scripture alone.



  • Collaboration- We value God’s gifts of people, partnerships, and collaborative efforts to intentionally accomplish God’s  Mission.

  • Outreach- We value a congregational culture that encourages all to share the Good News.

  • Spiritual Growth- We value the privilege of prayer that invites and enables us to boldly and confidently ask God for all things and value continuous learning in God’s Word leading to faith maturity.

  • Excellence- All children and families experience a high quality, Christ-centered Early Childhood program.

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