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Playground Grant - St. Paul's Woodland, CA

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church started in 1914 in downtown Woodland, and at that time, the church had an elementary school. In 1969, they moved to their current location and established St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool in 1983.

The current Director, Jill Hardin, is married to the pastor of St. Paul’s, David Hardin. They have been at St. Paul’s for the past 9 ½ years. Jill is trained and serves as a DCE (youth worker), but took over the management of the preschool in 2016. The school currently has 25 students, ages 2-5.

St. Paul’s was just awarded a large grant to upgrade their playground facilities, which will further enhance the physical activity opportunities for the students and others at St. Paul’s. Due to the teamwork of the Hardins, there is a strong connection between the congregation and the preschool ministry. Children and their families are hearing the Gospel of Christ on a daily basis!

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