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Updated: Jun 25

Developing people for God’s mission through online training opportunities

Through Mission Training Center’s online platform and network of LCMS instructors you will grow in knowing what you believe and why you believe it, as well as develop a wide variety of skills to enhance your service to your church and witness in your community.

MTC provides online theological instruction geared for lay members of congregations to help them deepen their knowledge of the Christian faith and develop their ability to serve alongside ordained clergy.

Students serve in a variety of roles such as congregational board members, elders, deacons, Sunday School teachers, evangelists, etc. Frankly, anyone who is looking to serve apart from becoming an ordained minister is an ideal candidate for MTC classes.

FORMAT: MTC implements a web-based version of the "flipped classroom" teaching strategy. In this model, students view short videos, read articles or textbooks, and work on assignments independently. They then meet once a week with their instructors in an online video session to discuss material and develop skills.

Currently, MTC offers 20 courses divided into two categories: (1) those that help you grow in your Christian faith and (2) those that hone your ability to serve your church and community. For example:

Ready to Get Started? Fill out MTC’s enrollment form here and learn more on their website...

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