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Maui Disaster Relief Updates

Updated: Apr 16

On August 8, multiple wildfires broke out around the island of Maui. A terrifying trifecta of dry conditions, off-shore winds, and fires in multiple locations descended upon the island.  Homes were destroyed and multiple lives were lost throughout the island.  The landscape of life changed for everyone on the island of Maui.  Where is God during these times?   He is near!  He is present with mercy and grace.  His powerful arm is active.  His presence is carried by his people, speaking his word of grace and serving as his hands and feet.


The people of Emmanuel Lutheran church and school heard God’s call and responded quickly.  They engage intentionally by offering relief and care while speaking His Word and sharing Their efforts. They are shining lights of God’s hope in Jesus for those who mourn; those who have survived;  all those whom God would give them opportunity to serve.


The work of “living the hope of Christ” during the recovery and rebuilding time on Maui will transition and change for months to come.  Thank God for Emmanuel church and school’s faithful response!  Ask God to give strength and wisdom as this continues.  Praise God for partners in this ministry who will continue to show them that they are not alone.


-       CNH District’s Disaster Response (time and gifts through her people and congregations)

-       LCMS Disaster Response – (resources, funds, Financing for Counseling

-       Lutheran Church Charities – facilitating comprehensive disaster response

-       Orphan Grain Train – Providing of much needed relief goods

-       LCEF – providing and mailing Visa Gift cards, (no fees), purchased with your gifts.

-       People all over the LCMS world.


God IS at work through his people.

Download PDF • 537KB
God loves the People of Maui through HIS church - letterhead
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God loves the People of Maui through HIS Church!

Our 1 st VP, Pastor Mitch Gowen, (long-term pastor at Our Savior, Aiea, HI) shares that behind the curtain a disaster and its recovery, we see “a delicate dance of unknowns involving thousands of people ...(those who) bear the scars of working multiple disasters ... and others ... experiencing the pain for thefirst time (just) trying to help.” From the first spark or gust of wind - a community of faith is summoned.“At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply whatyou need.” 2 Corinthians 8:14

Thank you for sharing Christ’s gifts! From my seat as CNH District President, I have been privileged to watch, pray, and facilitate our church’s resources.

Maui Reflections 2023 -Gowen
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