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Congrats to This Year's Jubilarians!

Updated: Apr 8

At the CNH District Spring In-service on March 24, 21 administrators and teachers were recognized for anniversaries of 5, 15, 20, 25, and 45 years. Sarah Bennett, Ryann Ness, Marie Urabe, Jenny Allen-Trombley, Kari Mellick, Daniel Lee, and Elizabeth Villa were recognized for 5 years in ministry. Sarah Hovatter, Julie Knight, Chrisie Bru, Terri Asfour, and Kristina Lee were recognized for 15 years in ministry. Kari Perna, Kim Robles, Renee Neal-Joslin, Dan Junkin, and Natalie Hart were recognized for 20 years in ministry. Christy Wood, Natalee Medel, and Debra Winkelman were recognized for 25 years. Betsy Gewirz was recognized for 45 years. Congratulations to all of these Jubilarians!

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