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Concordia University Wisconsin Scholarship Opportunity

You are exclusively invited to apply for a scholarship for the upcoming professional development program


This professional development program is designed to equip leaders of faith-based organizations with the skills they need to effectively manage their operations.

This program is formatted in eight micro-learning courses that cover topics such as: 

  • Human resources management and development

  • Conflict resolution

  • Financial management

  • Social media marketing

  • Fundraising

  • Strategy

  • Change management

By the end of the program, leaders will complete multiple action plans that will foster useful solutions for some major pain points in their organization.

Awardees of this scholarship will receive:

  • Full tuition paid, $1900, for the Business Skills for Faith-Based Organizations program

  • Upon successful completion of the Business Skills program, the scholarship also includes the Gateway Option, which covers:

    • One-time transfer fee of $1500

    • Fully paid tuition for ONE MBA academic 3 credit course (Approximately $2150)

Completion sets you on your way to completing the MBA program at Concordia University Wisconsin.


Scholarship Details:

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Download PDF • 179KB

Apply Now:


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