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St. Matthew of Kauai - Mission Update

Updated: Apr 18

Mahalo Nui Loa in the Blessed Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We give thanks to God for your continued support of His mighty and gracious work here on the beautiful island of Kauai. With the support offered through the District grants, Pastor William was able to begin cutting back on his hours working construction in order to devote more time for ministry. The extra hours allowed time for him to prepare and lead a Bible class before Divine Service on Sunday, aswell as a Men's devotion time at two locations on Wednesday. His wife Nalani has also begun leading a Lady's time of prayer and devotions on Thursday morning.

Last year we welcomed two young men from our local community, one 16 and the other 26, to our fellowship through the waters of Holy Baptism. This year brought another addition to our fellowship with the Holy Baptism of young Alaya Dirks. She joins a fellowship that regularly welcomes 30-40 worshipers each Sunday and has continued to see growth both numerically but also spiritually. One of our young men has recently expressed the desire to enter the Office of the Ministry and plans to attend Seminary after he has finished his initial studies at Concordia Irvine.

We have just recently moved to a more central location on the island that affords us not only greater beauty, but greater space as well. We are sharing space with an ELCA congregation in one of the oldest Lutheran church buildings in Hawaii. This sharing of space has its challenges and its blessings.

Please continue to pray for St. Matthew of Kauai as we endeavor to remain faithful to the call of God in this beautiful space.

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