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Reformation Offering 2023

During the first Reformation, Martin Luther delighted to see how the ordinary layperson was set free to share the truth of God’s Word. That’s the reforming, transforming power of grace; it equips and compels us to pass on the kindness that we have received to the next generation. And as we continue in the Spirit and joy of this Reformation, it is our privilege to do the same. That’s why we are thrilled to once again gather a special Reformation Offering that “fills in the gaps” as we pass the faith and hope to a new generation.

Here’s how your Reformation Offering gifts were used previously in our CNH District: 

  • 25% supported hands-on care projects, outreach mini-grants, and short-term mission trip scholarships.

  • 30% helped to encourage our newest church workers with debt relief assistance.

  • 45% provided additional training and education for current district members and new multi-ethnic leaders. 

We thank you for your faithfulness and prayerfully invite your participation again this year!

  1. As in previous years, the offering envelopes and flyers are available through our District Office. Pre-order them to pick up at the Fall Pastors’ Conference or to receive by mail by contacting Renee Lawrence, by Friday, September 29. The bulletin blurbs and additional flyers will soon be available for download through the District website.

  2. Hold a special offering at your church. Our work is “always about JESUS!”

Feel free to use the following documents for promotion within your congregation...

Download PDF • 1.00MB

Download PDF • 8.15MB

Bulletin Blurbs 2023 (revised)
Download PDF • 819KB

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