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God on the Move in Hawaii

On Palm Sunday, Good Shepherd (Honolulu) and Messiah (Ewa Beach) were blessed as baptisms occurred. Dry fonts were cleaned and readied to be made wet again. The promise of the Word was connected with water. Folks around the edges of each congregation brought their children. We did not forbid them from coming!

It was a time of connection with returning families and an open door to new families to join and grow in their faith as part of these congregations.

Finally, at a meal on Good Shepherd’s lanai on April 1st, the $350,000 mortgage was burned as the debt was officially retired. They are ready to move forward.

Easter was the last Sunday for Intentional Interim Pastor Rev. Timothy C. Cartwright. He said of this moment, "As Jesus will rise…so too will these congregations. They need your prayers and commitment to provide good, mission driven pastors. Thank you in advance for your efforts. We leave the island on Easter Monday having done our job…yet much remains undone. We leave all in God’s hands."

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