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"Our District is committed to Mission; resolving that we are reaching to the community around us with the Good News of Jesus." 
- President Michael Lange

At the 2022 CNH District Convention, a resolution was passed to plant at least one new mission and ministry in each of our 18 circuits. We are intentionally focused on making sure more people know Jesus through our work together.

We have therefore launched a Districtwide campaign called “1 in Every One.” We pray that it would inspire you to dream big dreams to reach your community with the Gospel.



Mission starts have at their core a commitment to disciple people in the Christian (Lutheran) faith through service and witness to their neighborhood or city, always with an eye toward formation of a new community or service group that shares the Gospel message. Mission starts are divided into Faith Community Starts, Education Ministry Starts, or Community Service and Social Ministry

  • New ministries may/should spring out of existing churches, mission societies, and organizations.

  • These ministries need not begin with clergy.

  • These ministries could, in fact, begin and continue as satellites of existing churches in the case of ethnic specific congregations or separate and distinct locations and purpose.

  • Church plants need not begin with a building.

  • Church planting efforts in the CNH are encouraged to include significant lay leadership and involvement from their inception.

  • Ongoing partnership with the CNH District and its representatives is expected to continue.



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