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Planting something new in Oahu

Updated: Apr 9

Two churches on Oahu have been given an opportunity for new life on the island of Oahu. Jesus is the head of the church but he uses the whole body to accomplish his purposes.

Committed, capable , servant-minded lay leadership is an essential part of God faithfully building his church. Remember, all glory goes to God, but he uses his people.

Warren Naii and Ren Kinoshita met many years ago in the Episcopal church on Oahu. Years later they found themselves as committed leaders of two Lutheran churches, Good Shepherd Honolulu and Messiah, Ewa Beach. Together with other leaders from their churches they made the bold step of forming an experimental dual parish and calling an interim pastor , Tim Cartwright. God used Tim to further mentor both of these men and set the path for both churches to become independent once again.

Warren came to Good Shepherd many years ago and was blessed by the clear biblical teaching and missionary leadership of a cadre of Good Shepherd Lutheran pastors. Dr. Ren Kinoshita attended Lutheran High Honolulu as a youth, Concordia University, entered the military and became a medical doctor. His connection with former Messiah Pastor Dan Truesdell, whom God used powerfully to do transformative work and poured into Ren, paving the way for his committed leadership at Messiah that bloomed further under the tutelage of other pastoral leaders who followed.

Watch for more news on Good Shepherd and their next steps as well as Messiah and their God-provided future.

Sometimes “1 in every one” involves planting something new out of what is already established.

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