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The Heart and Soul of Leadership is 9 session virtual course - an excellent opportunity to grow as a “whole” leader. Joel Koerschen has developed 5 major themes that have a wonderful balance of rich content and opportunities for sharing and discussion. This program is for experienced leaders, new leaders, or potential leaders. It is also a great opportunity to participate as a leadership team at your church or school.



What church workers say about “THE HEART AND SOUL OF LEADERSHIP”…


“The way I live, work, and approach ministry has been profoundly changed for the better by Joel’s leadership insights. He speaks from personal experience about what is not sustainable and healthy, and what is. I am confident you will be blessed by what Joel is offering; and so will the people you love and serve!”


- Pastor Paul Schult
Redeemer Redwood City, CA

“The format for this leadership program allows for extensive researched-based content, but also time to discuss in a small cohort how to adapt this to our unique situations and challenges. Joel Koerschen provides knowledge and expertise as well as practical application throughout each course.”

- Joel Wahlers
CNH District Education Executive

"I'm truly grateful for taking your course. Initially, I hesitated before signing up, but I'm immensely glad that I did. I have gained invaluable insights that I am actively applying to all aspects of my life."

- Participant, Winter Cohort

"This was an excellent course. The teaching was insightful and relevant. I appreciated that we took time during each class to reflect on the practical application of the principles we were learning. The dialogue and insights shared within my cohort have already contributed to positive changes I'm making now."


- Participant, Winter Cohort

​"This course exceeded my expectations. The teachings were profoundly insightful and directly relevant. I particularly appreciated the moments we set aside during each class to reflect on the practical applications of the principles we were learning."


- Participant, Winter Cohort

"This course was extremely helpful; thank you! While the course was very pragmatic, I so appreciated that we began with the state of our own hearts, as that seems to often go neglected. The units on humbition and coaching were especially good, and I'm excited to continue working to implement all of the lessons. I have already begun recommending the course to others, and I pray that people take advantage of this wonderful resource."


- Participant, Fall Cohort

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