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The Heart and Soul of Leadership is 9 session virtual course - an excellent opportunity to grow as a “whole” leader. Joel Koerschen has developed 5 major themes that have a wonderful balance of rich content and opportunities for sharing and discussion. This program is for experienced leaders, new leaders, or potential leaders. It is also a great opportunity to participate as a leadership team at your church or school. The fall course begins the first week of October, 2023


For questions about the course, please contact Joel Koerschen at



What church workers say about “THE HEART AND SOUL OF LEADERSHIP”…


“The way I live, work, and approach ministry has been profoundly changed for the better by Joel’s leadership insights. He speaks from personal experience about what is not sustainable and healthy, and what is. I am confident you will be blessed by what Joel is offering; and so will the people you love and serve!”


- Pastor Paul Schult
Redeemer Redwood City, CA

"’The Heart and Soul of Leadership’ reminded me of the importance of being present in the moment. I learned in understandable detail how the brain is wired and how to be more productive in my work and in my personal life. I highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone. Joel's enthusiasm is contagious and encourage me to take this information to heart.”


- Dr. Christy Wood
Principal, St. John’s Lutheran School Napa, CA

“The format for this leadership program allows for extensive researched-based content, but also time to discuss in a small cohort how to adapt this to our unique situations and challenges. Joel Koerschen provides knowledge and expertise as well as practical application throughout each course.”

- Joel Wahlers
CNH District Education Executive

“The Heart and Soul of Leadership is a thoughtfully researched and framed program that will be beneficial for aspiring leaders through expiring leaders (or leaders in training through well-established veterans of our craft). Joel is a talented communicator. Through these developmental lessons you can see his self-reflective ownership of the content and his heart for healthy leaders. During this course I was challenged and encouraged by Joel, and the other participants in the cohort, to consider my workflow and the hours truly necessary to lead well.”

- Evan Anwyl

Principal St. John’s Lutheran School Bakersfield, CA

"Joel is the picture of a teacher at heart, because he's gifted with curiosity and remains a lifelong learner. Combining his leadership experience with his research on the brain, Joel has constructed a course that is insightful and practical for both your leadership and your life!"

- Pastor Christian Pieper

Good Shepherd Turlock, CA

“Heart and soul leadership is encouraging, mindful and inspires leaders to lead by example. The Heart and Soul program is designed to provide leaders with the strength to be more mindful when the occasion dictates, such as when you are in a high stress, high impact conversation or situation.”


- Julie Knight

Principal Our Savior Lutheran School Livermore, CA

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