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Caring for Caregivers

Updated: Apr 14

What: A very practical presentation – by one who has been there – aimed at those who minister to those who are providing care for others.

Presenter: Dr. Martha Garmon from Paris, Texas (see brief bio below)

When: February 10, 2024 from 10 a.m to 2 p.m.

Where: District Office, 2772 Constitution Drive., Livermore, Ca -- In person and on Zoom

Target attendees: For Christians (professional church workers and lay people) who encounter caregivers in their ministries and daily lives.

This presentation will provide an understanding of the perspective of the family caregiver. Family caregivers are often unintended victims in isolation as they care for others. Dr. Garmon has found simple ways to support the family caregivers. Learn more about who the caregivers are and what they need. There will be time for interactions and exploring some resources that are available.

Dr. Martha Garmon was trained as a church musician whose husband was diagnosed with frontotemporaldegeneration (2016) and ALS (2018) and suffered from dementia. She was his primary caregiver for four years as he went from a vibrant, outgoing person through a decline of dementia and physical limitations. She learned the needs of caregivers from first-hand experience. Since his death, she has shared her experience and lessons she learned so that others may learn how to minister to caregivers with compassion and understanding. She is now a Certified Caregiving Specialist.

In case you missed the event, below is the full recording...

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