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Thanks to the work of our brothers and sisters in the Pacific Southwest District (LCMS), and by their gracious permission, the early childhood centers and preschools of the CNH District have an opportunity to provide a unique training tool for early childhood teachers. This course serves to help acculturate early childhood teachers with answers to the following questions:


What is a Lutheran school, specifically, early childhood center? How are Lutheran schools unique? What do Lutherans believe? What is the heritage of the Lutheran schools? What are the characteristics of the Lutheran teacher?


With the goal of training and equipping early childhood educators for careers in Lutheran early childhood centers this course will focus on the following critical areas:


  1. Lutheran thought and teaching (theology);

  2. Nurturing the faith (faith development);

  3. A distinctively Lutheran education (history of Lutheran education);

  4. Methods and materials for teaching the faith to the young child. We pray that our new version will accomplish these goals in a way that is accessible, attractive, affordable, applicable and authentic.


When linking to the recorded sessions of this program, you will note that the first promo video is primarily designed to address early childhood programs in the Pacific Southwest District.


Administrators, if you would like to lead your staff through the full series of sessions as a daylong staff retreat we have created this guide to help you plan out that day. We do pray this is a useful tool!

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