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LCEF Services

Architectural Advisory Committee 


The Architectural Advisory Committee is a service of LCEF that helps congregations plan and build or remodel church buildings, schools, and other church-related structures. Professional architects strive to help pastors and building committees with their architectural questions, helping them plan and build worship facilities that are functional, beautiful, and give clear witness to our Christian faith.


An architectural adviser will meet with a congregation on a one-time basis for expenses only. The architect will make recommendations for next steps and how to engage a local architect skilled in working with churches.


Also, thanks to the AAC, a detailed Architectural Handbook is available here. The handbook walks you through all the steps recommended through the entire building process.


If you’d like to be connected with a member of the AAC, contact Matt Molinari.



In response to our Mission to connect the District and its people, LutheranChurch Extension Fund has contracted with MissionInsite to provide a comprehensive and targeted demographic tool to all CNH District churches and ministries. This service is provided at NO COST to your congregation.

Through your desktop, web-based program, MissionInsite provides instant access to a wide suite of community information, easily tailored and filtered to research questions about the makeup, history and trends for your congregation's existing or potential ministry areas.


The MissionInsite program is accessed through the Internet using a common desktop browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. Users must first register with MissionInsite to set up a user profile and identify their "home" congregation or ministry, and it is common for several people in a church to register with the service. Registration is free, and uses a common account set up by LCEF.


Through LCEF, as a CNH District congregation or ministry you have free, unlimited access to MissionInsite.

Click here for a pdf outlining the registration process, or follow these summarized instructions:


1. Select your city and your church.

2. Complete boxes creating your unique User Name and Password

3. Key LCEF's Agency Account Number, 99BHN, where indicated, and click SUBMIT.

4. Review terms and (1) check the “Accept Terms” box. Please Do Not check the box to opt out of email communication from MissionInsite. We want to be certain every user is informed about system updates and new features. (2) Click “Register”.

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