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LCEF Loans

Congregation Loans


We know your needs for ministry loans vary, so we are committed to making the loan process as easy as possible for your congregation or school. Whether you need loan assistance to build, remodel or purchase equipment, or refinance an existing loan, having the funds and personalized service you need can help you advance your ministry plans.


LCEF offers different types of loans to help your congregation reach its financial goals. Click here to check for the latest interest rates.


Pastoral Education Loans

Higher education costs are rising and student loan debt is one of the most troublesome obligations faced by many pastors. A crushing debt may cause ministers to concentrate more on their financial needs and less on their call for serving their communities. The burden can be huge.

LCEF’s educational loan repayment program will provide the needed financial assistance to support LCMS ordained ministers to successfully reduce their existing school debt. With loans directly to the pastor or to his congregation, we can help.


This loan program is provided to the congregation who acts as the eligible borrower to provide support for an active ordained LCMS minister, normally in the first 10 years after seminary graduation.


Recognized Service Organization (RSO) Loans

An organization or RSO is a separately incorporated service organization formally recognized by the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod that extends the mission and ministry of the Synod, but is not part of the Synod’s constitutional structure. LCEF recognizes that financing a loan to purchase, construct or renovate property is a major undertaking. LCEF understands your Organization’s desire to serve people in His name, yet the need to be fiscally responsible. We will help you through the process with care and professionalism, always keeping the mission at the heart of our work together. Below are the types of loans available.


Rostered Church Workers (RCW)

LCEF is pleased to offer residential, consolidation and home equity loans to LCMS ordained ministers (active or emeritus status) and rostered commissioned teachers, Directors of Christian Education, Directors of Christian Outreach, etc.

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