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Congregation/Business Investments


You have a unique opportunity as a business connected to the LCMS. Your Lutheran ties enable you to invest your firm’s funds in order to empower ministries in all they do to expand God’s kingdom. Their outreach will be enriched by having the funds your organization invests available to them to use for low-cost loans and ministry support resources.

Investing with LCEF connects you to ministries across the world while you earn competitive rates and retain ownership of investment balances.


Online access through MyAccount promotes the good stewardship of resources. By using these financial services, you help us reduce administrative costs. That in turn allows us to keep loan and service rates to churches, schools, and church workers as low as possible.


MyAccount access is granted through an application process to investors and loan customers. Click here to get started

Family Emergency StewardAccount


Expecting the unexpected makes for good planning, that’s why you might consider the LCEF Family Emergency StewardAccount. You never know when there may be a need for funds not allocated in your monthly budget. This investment builds over time with your systematic deposits through electronic funds transfer (EFT) and interest earned. But you can access the funds easily when you need them the most.

  • Minimum $25 investment to open account.

  • Minimum $25 monthly electronic investment required until account reaches and maintains a balance of $10,000 or more.

  • Limit 12 checks per calendar year, with per-check minimum of $250.

  • Initial quantity of checks FREE; check reorders competitively priced.

  • Interest compounded and paid monthly.

  • No monthly maintenance or membership fees.

  • Free My Account online services, including e-statements. 


For complete disclosure information about LCEF, you can request a copy by calling 800-843-5233.

Young Investors (Y.I.) Club


You know it’s important to teach children to give thanks for God’s many blessings and use those blessings wisely to serve Him. Learning to understand the value of sharing, saving and spending money is a good place to start.

When you help your child save for the future through the LCEF Young Investors (Y.I.) Club, those dollars can also help someone else learn about Jesus. Through the Y.I. Club activities, newsletters and web pages, your child can learn valuable stewardship concepts while empowering ministry through LCEF.

Join the Y.I. Club with a Y.I. StewardAccount

With an investment of just $25 to open the Y.I. StewardAccount, your young investor becomes a Y.I. Club member with special fun activities that grow with three different age levels.




Individual Investments


LCEF makes available loans and ministry-support resources to equip LCMS ministries as they embrace God’s plan for their members. These are all possible through investments made by ministries as well as individuals. By choosing LCEF, you are choosing an organization that embraces the LCMS, and supports only ministries within it. By sharing our gifts, we can grow the reach of our church together.


Easy-access investments with no maturity date

Giving you the most access with no specific maturity date, you may wish to invest in:


Demand Certificate



Investments with maturity dates to help you plan

Helping you plan for investment income, building projects or endowments, with specific maturity dates, you may wish to invest in:


Term Note


More Tools

Investment Interest Rates

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