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President Harrison released some helpful pastoral and personal perspective and shared information on vaccines and mandates on behalf of the LCMS on Friday, October 1st.  I commend this letter and the resources attached to it for your personal and spiritual edification.  Helpful information on the contents, research, and history of vaccines is shared as well as thoughts on vaccine mandates, including the potential effect of these mandates on both employers and employees.


One short section I find especially helpful addresses how we speak about these things with those whom we disagree.  In an effort to be reconciled with one another even as we strive to be a reconciling influence in the world, this is especially helpful.  May God bless us as we walk in the light of Christ!

You can read the full letter here


Pastor Mike Lange

President - CNH District LCMS

How should I talk about the vaccine with others who disagree with my view? In a sensitive issue of this nature, we remember the words of St. James: “Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger” (James 1:19). Listen carefully and openly to others’ points. Consider them. Share your positions patiently and objectively. Reflect upon your own penchant for error. Forgive others where they sin against you and ask for forgiveness where you wrong them. 

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