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International Partners


Carol Lee Halter: Carol Lee Halter has been a missionary to the Chinese people in Hong Kong since 1981. Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit in San Francisco, Redeemer Lutheran Church in Redwood City, and Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Santa Maria, support Carol in her efforts. Please go to Carol’s website to find out more about the work she does in Hong Kong. Carol's latest update can be found here.


Rev. Herb and Markie Burch: Rev. Herb and Markie Burch serve the Lord as career missionaries of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in Belize. Herb was formerly pastor in Grace, Santa Maria, CA. Read their latest mission update here. Also read their 2022 Christmas Greeting


Melissa (Karges) Asmamaw has served for six years as an English teacher and relationship builder in Hungary. Three of those years were with the LCMS Office of International Mission before becoming a part of the inaugural Mission of Christ Network Mission Partner team. Melissa left Hungary to spend a year in the USA finishing a Masters Degree in School Counseling, which she is now using to serve the Lord at Bingham Academy, an international Christian school, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Read her latest mission update here.


Ethan and Amanda Hutton along with their two children Aubree and August, serve as missionaries in Costa Rica. They live in Esterillos Oeste, where they are present in their local community. As relationships develop over time, opportunities arise to intentionally share the hope that we have in Christ Jesus. Stay updated on their work here.


Haragewen Kinde was born and raised in Ethiopia, attended a Christian High School where she had great missionary teachers from Norway, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and the United States of America. Her assignment is to work with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY), to strengthen and build the current Mekane Yesus Management Leadership College (MY-MLC) to move towards the formation of the first Mekane Yesus (The house of Jesus) University (MYU) in Ethiopia. Read her latest update here.


Rev. Daniel and Kathryn Conrad: Rev. Daniel and Kathryn Conrad, formerly at Terra Bella, serve the Lord as career missionaries of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod in Mexico. Read their latest mission update here. 


Sarah Berta-Somogyi has served as a missionary in Győr, Hungary, for 8 years with the LCMS Office of International Mission. She taught grades 5-12 in Péterfy Sándor Lutheran School, led a weekly Bible study, organized retreats and other large events for students, helped organize summer English/Bible camps, and began an English-language worship service in her city. In her service with MCN, Sarah plans to continue these activities so that students and adults may continue to hear the Gospel and have opportunities to grow in their faith. For more information, click here.


Josh and Coco live in East Asia, together with children John and Sophie. Josh currently serves as executive director with Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation (CWEF), a non-profit rural development organization founded by Lutheran Christians. For more information, click here.


Mindy Thews serves the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) in Taiwan. In this role, she teaches Bible and English classes at Concordia Middle School in ChiaYi. She also helps lead Friday Night Bible Study at Salvation Lutheran Church in ChiaYi, assists with on-campus student fellowship and serves on the curriculum committee for the Bible classes. For more information click here

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