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Convention Resolutions

Floor Committee #1 - District Mission and Ministry

1-01     To Establish New Missions in CNH

1-02    Church Worker Housing

1-03    Regarding Disability Task Force

1-04    Regarding the Mission Training Center

Floor Committee #2 - Structure and Administration - District

2-01     To Strengthen the Non-Voting Advisory Delegate Participation at Conventions

2-02    To Amend the CNH District Articles of Incorporation

2-03    Proposed Addition to the CNH District Bylaws

2-03a  CNH Bylaws with proposed changes

2-04    To Accept Changes to CNH District Bylaws As Recommended by Synod and District Commission on Constitutional Matters

2-05     To Study the Value of the Current Ministry Center


Floor Committee #3 - Mission and Ministry (Synod)

3-01     Consider realignment of Objectives 1 & 2 for Synod Constitution; article 3

3-02     To Delay Consideration of Concordia University System Restructuring

3-03     To increase the number of students preparing for General Ordination through distance learning opportunities and by expanding the work of the Cross-cultural Ministry Center - CUI(CMC) (Overtures 3-03 and 3-04 and 1-02 Combined)

3-04     To Address the Lutheran Teacher Shortage and Low Teacher Salaries by Initiating a Student Debt Assistance Program for LCMS Commissioned Minister – Teacher

3-05     To Reconsider the use of Licensed Lay Deacons in Word and Sacrament Ministry

3-06     To Recognize and Thank the LCMS for the Strengthened and Expanded “Soldiers of the Cross” COVID-19 Response Initiative

3-07     To examine additional pathway(s) for general pastoral colloquy for members of LCMS congregations who have graduated with an accredited Master of Divinity Degree from a Non-LCMS Seminary.

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